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 - President
Mark Kujawa

 - Vice President
Paul Weeks
 - Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Kleifgen

 - Administrative Assistant

 - Directors

Rich Klatt

Chris Clabots

Dean Musbach

George Nelson

Pat Van Hefty
 -Committee Membership* and Point of Contact for Committee
*Committee membership is not limited to elected board members

  -Design Review Board (DRB)

-Chairman and POC
Barbara Felsecker

Paul Weeks

George Nelson

Pat Van Hefty

Chris Clabots
  -Road Committee
Rich Klatt Chairman and POC
phone: 715-358-6067

Chris Clabots

  -Activity Committee
George Nelson, Chairman and POC

  -Entrance Decorating Committee
Karen Strait, Chairman and POC

Laurie Peterson

Board of Directors Nomination Form
Any Property owner can be nominated for a position on the Board of Directors.  The election for Board Members is held at the annual membership meeting in June of each year.  The nomination form is on the " FORMS " page at the menu on TOP.
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